Are you tired of spending hours creating content & getting minimal traffic?

Sharing your content on the right platform is the best way to grow your community.

You can’t grow your online business without traffic. You need a straightforward way to generate leads.

You can’t help your audience if they can’t find you. You need a way to be visible online.

Pinterest Tips & Tutorials

Your content didn’t disappear in the feed hours after posting.

You didn’t have to dance around in videos to get your audience’s attention. AKA do the most.

You didn’t have to learn how to beat the algorithm every few months.

You could stop saying “link in bio” because you can directly link your content to a platform that encourages people to visit your blog, vlog, or podcast.

You didn’t have to complete with all the noise on social media and your content could be found with a simple search.

Grow with Pinterest

Sell your digital products while you’re at your 9-5.

Actually see a profit from your affiliate links.

Grow your email list while you’re sleeping.


Use this workbook to help guide you through my tips & tutorials.

You’ll find space to work and brainstorm your ideas.

You’ll also find checklists that you can use to:

-help you update your profile

-create boards

-help you create the perfect pins

-create a Tailwind Account


In this module you learn:

-how Pinterest is different (and better) than social media

-the role of followers & how to get more

– how to claim your external accounts like your website, Etsy Shop, YouTube Channel, and more

In this module you’ll learn:

-how to use SEO strategies with Pinterest so that your content will show up in Pinner’s search results

In this module you’ll learn:

-how to make your profile stand out and show why Pinners should join your community

In this module you’ll learn:

– about the different pin types

-how to create pins that will make Pinners want to see more of your content

-how to schedule your pins

-how to use Pinterest’s best practices so that you won’t get your account suspended or banned


In this module you’ll learn:

-how to organize your boards so that you stay on brand

-how use SEO strategies when creating boards

In this module you’ll learn:

-how to use your analytics to create more content your community will love


In this module you’ll learn:

-how to schedule your pins for maximum exposure

-how to find communities (groups) that will help share your pins on Pinterest

In this module you’ll learn:

-how to use templates to quickly make attractive pins for Pinterest


Pinners are actively looking for your content. They are ready to act and engage with your work.

Pinterest wants users to leave their platform to see your content, social media does not.

When you make relevant content, Pinterest will send traffic to your website months to years after you’ve created the content.

Be able to build your community, making you a leader in your niche

Be able to turn your hobby into a profitable business

Spend less time glued to your phone making content for social media

You’ll get 14 days to test out my Pinterest Tips & Tutorials! If you don’t love it, you’ll get a full refund!

If you reach out within 14 days and let me know my Pinterest Tips & Tutorials isn’t for you, I’ll give you a full refund.

Are you ready to turn your Pinterest Business Account to a traffic driving machine?

When You Use My Tips & Tutorials...

Meet Your Instructor

Melissa Nikohl

Hi, I’m Melissa

I’m a veteran educator, 11 years in the classroom, to be exact!
I also write curriculum for one of the largest school districts in North Texas. Writing curriculum is my jam, so creating this course was so much fun!

If you’re like me, you want more people to see your content. You spend hours after working your 9-5 creating content for your audience, and it is easy to feel defeated when no one sees it.

Pinterest has been an absolute game-changer for me. I can sell my products, earn money from affiliate links, and grow my email list, all from Pinterest.

Getting a notification that someone purchased your product while you’re at work or out with friends is an amazing feeling that I want you to feel. And Pinterest can help make this happen.

Any questions? Send me a DM! 

Pinterest Tips & Tutorials is for you if you want your target audience to find you!

You’ll love my tips & tutorials if…

You’re ready to grow an engaged community.

You want to create a passive income with digital products and affiliate links.

You want your content to be visible longer than 24 hours.

Here's Why You Shouldn't Purchase My Pinterest Tips & Tutorials

This isn’t for you if…

You want a quick fix. Pinterest takes time, once it starts working it will drive traffic months to years later.

You won’t consistently use Pinterest.

*And don’t worry, I’ll show you how to schedule pins so don’t you have to think about it.

You don’t have an external website like; a blog, vlog (YouTube), podcast, online store, or Etsy store.

Start growing your community now!

Don't Wait...Buy Now!


This is the best and easiest time to get started. The sooner you begin uploaded content into Pinterest the better. 

No. Pinterest is a visual search engine. While, the platform is becoming more social, it still performs as a search engine. Which means your content can be found with a simple search. 

Yes, you absolutely can. But my Tips & Tutorials guides you step by step to create a traffic driving Pinterest account. And all the information is all in one spot! You don’t have to search on Google or Pinterest for answers.

I’ll show you different ways (free & paid) to schedule your pins so that you don’t have to log on to Pinterest every day to upload content.

Are You Ready to Grow?

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