How to Organize Your Boards on Pinterest

You may be thinking, Melissa, there’s a way you should organize your Pinterest boards? Yes! When pinners visit your account, you want to show off your work. If you don’t manage your boards in a way that highlights your content, you’re missing out on opportunities for people to connect with you and your content.

If you haven’t played around with your board settings, you’ll need to watch the video below. In this quick video, I show you how to change the settings so you can strategically manipulate your boards.

One more thing before we get started, I want to be sure we are clear on some terms. Above the fold is what you can see on a website without scrolling, and below the fold is what you cannot see without scrolling.


Put your most popular boards Above the Fold

When you have a business account, Pinterest will tell you which of your boards are your audience’s favorites. You will want to move these boards to the top because this is the content that your audience finds the most relevant. Pinterest’s analytics give you tons of information about your content to help you create what your audience wants. Read UNDERSTANDING PINTEREST’S ANALYTICS to learn more.


Put board with pins from your website Above the Fold

In my Pinterest Tips and Tutorials, I teach you all about Pinterest’s best practices. One of the things I discuss is the importance of having a few boards dedicated to your content. You want people to see you as an expert in your niche, so you will and should share other pinner’s content that is similar to yours. But, you always want to have a few boards where only your work resides. You want to move those boards to the top fold so that pinners can find all your content easily.

How to Create a Pinterest Business Account Startup Guide


Make Seasonal Content the First Boards

Most content creators have seasonal content. It is best to have a few boards that hold those pins, and they should be some of the first boards on your account during the appropriate season. But as seasons change, you should move the irrelevant boards towards the bottom.

For example, I make a lot of content for the beginning of the school year, so from July to the end of September, those boards are the first few boards that pinners see. When the season is over, I move the boards below the fold and then move my evergreen or relevant seasonal content to the top. You’ll want to do the same.


Move empty boards towards the bottom

You don’t want pinners to find your account and see empty boards. Whenever you create new boards, don’t leave them at the top of your account if they aren’t full. By full, I mean no gray spaces. I like to move newer boards below the fold and as I fill them up, move them closer to the top of my account.

There are many components to Pinterest marketing, and one way to show off your content is by organizing your boards. By changing your board settings to drag and drop, you can arrange your boards in a way that represents you and your brand.

For more information on how to upgrade your business account, check out my Pinterest Tips and Tutorials. I have over 15 videos that will help you make your Pinterest account a traffic-driving machine!

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The Benefits of Using Pinterest’s Story Pins

Are you using Pinterest’s Story Pins?  They are similar to the stories feature you’ll find on social media platforms. These pins have helped me grow my Pinterest account tremendously over the past few months, driving more traffic to my website.

Currently, they are only available to people who have a Pinterest Business account.

If you don’t have access to Story Pins, you’ll find a link to request the feature at the end of the post.

They Help Boost Your Engagement

A few months ago, I neglected my Pinterest account, and my engagement dropped significantly. For over 30 days, I uploaded Story Pins almost daily. And my engagement exploded. These pins were liked, shared, and commented on, instantly boosting my engagement!

They Help You Build an Audience

What I like about Pinterest’s Story Pins is they give your audience a way to see who you are. Standard and video pins don’t allow pinners to get to know the person behind the pin. With Story Pins, you can show your personality with behind-the-scenes footage, tips, and ideas! Story Pins are a great way to inspire your audience and build your online community.

How to Create a Pinterest Business Account Startup Guide

They Don’t Expire

On Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat (do people still use that?), stories expire after 24 hours they’re posted. On Pinterest, they get pinned to a board, and they last forever. If you optimize your Story Pins (which you should), people can find your Story Pins long after publishing them. They are kind of like Instagram’s Highlights, except people can search for them.

If you have a Pinterest Business account and aren’t utilizing Story Pins, you are missing out! They are a great way to increase your engagement and connect with an audience actively searching for your content.

Use this link to request Pinterest’s Story Pins if you don’t have the feature just yet. 

Read BENEFITS OF A PINTEREST BUSINESS ACCOUNT to learn why all business owners and content creators should have a Pinterest business account.

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Understanding Pinterest’s Analytics

Pinterest has tons of information to help you grow; at first, it may be difficult to figure out what you need to know. In this post, I’ll break down Pinterest’s analytics and how to use them to grow your business and Pinterest account.

Monthly Views

Do you know what your monthly views mean on Pinterest?

This is the most confusing analytic. I think it should be named something else. But…I’m not working for Pinterest…yet. When I think of monthly views, I believe that the data should change monthly (since it’s called monthly views), but your monthly views change daily. So if today is December 9th, then your monthly views are from November 9th to December 9th. Got it?

Your number of monthly views consists of how many people see your content within a month. My monthly views vary because I have seasonal content. Some people’s monthly views are consistent throughout the year.

Pin Impressions

Do you understand your Pin Impressions. Use Pinterest's pin stats to gauge how your content is doing.
You’ll see impressions on your standard and story pins. Your number of impressions is how many times pinners have seen your pin.

Pin Closeups

Pin closeups tells you how many people want a closer look at your pin.
Think about a time a pin caught your eye. You probably tapped it to get a closer view. When you tapped a pin, you just added to someone’s closeup analytics.

People who tap your pin for a closer look are thinking about doing more with your pin. They may be deciding to purchase your product, clicking through to your website, or saving your pin.

*February 2021, Pin Close-Ups are now called Pin Clicks*

Pin Link Clicks

Do you know what pin is driving traffic to your external account? Your link clicks tell you what pins are making people leave Pinterest.

Link Clicks are a super important statistic. You want to get pinners off of Pinterest and to your external account. Your link clicks will tell you how many people are doing just that.

*February 2021, Link Clicks are now Outbound Clicks*

Pin Saves

Pin Saves tells you how many pinners have saved your pin.
Your saves stats tell you how many times your pin has been saved. Pinterest will show where your pins have been saved by allowing you to see the boards where pinners have pinned your content.

Each one of these statistics will let you know how your content is doing and what kind of content your audience wants. Use your analytics to guide your creativity.

Do you want to learn how to use Pinterest as a marketing tool? Check out my Pinterest Tips and Tutorials

Pinterest Tips and Tutorials

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Benefits of a Pinterest Business Account

Are you wondering why you should switch from a personal Pinterest account to a business account? Check out a few of the benefits of switching over to a business account.

With a Pinterest Business Account, You Get Access to Your Analytics

Pinterest Analytics is best! Your analytics can show you precisely what your audience wants and doesn’t want. Your analytics can tell you want to create next. If a pin is doing well, you’ll want to make more content like it. If a pin isn’t doing well, this lets you know if you need to tweak what you’re creating. With Pinterest’s analytics, you learn how your pins are performing.

With your analytics, you’ll learn all about your audience. This information will tell you the gender, age, location, interests, and even the devices they use. You should use this information to create more content that they need and want!

You can Claim Your External Accounts

Once you have created a business account, next, you should claim all your external accounts. Claiming these accounts lets you know how all your content is performing on Pinterest.

Many business owners and content creators use multiple platforms and it all can be shared on Pinterest. I share my blog posts, Instagram posts, and Youtube videos on Pinterest. People like to digest information in different ways, by adding my content from different platforms, this allows me to differentiate my content for my audience.

When you claim your accounts, pinners will see your profile name (you can use up to 65 characters, maximize the space) and profile picture on any of your content shared on Pinterest. This helps build brand recognition.

image shows Pinterest Name and Profile picture

External accounts you can claim:


How to Create a Pinterest Business Account Startup Guide


Followers Can Buy Your Products Directly On Pinterest

Did you know that people use Pinterest to shop? With a business account, you can make it easy to buy your products on Pinterest. All you have to do is ad the Pinterest tag to your website and you are ready to sell!

A Pinterest Business Account Allows You to Create Ads

Ads are a great way to expand the reach of your pins. You can create ads that will build brand awareness, drive traffic, or get conversions. Your ad objective will guide you through making the best ads to grow your business.

A business account is for you if you’re looking for another way to grow your business. Through Pinterest’s analytics, you can focus on creating content that your audience wants. Once you’ve claimed your accounts pinners will easily recognize your brand. With the use of Pinterest’s ads, you will be able to reach your business goals. If you haven’t switched over to a business account, it’s free! Do it now!

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Do Followers Matter on Pinterest?

Yes and no. Remember, Pinterest isn’t a social media platform; it is a visual search engine. So your follower count doesn’t work the same way it would on Instagram. But, you still need followers. The amount of followers on Pinterest doesn’t matter, how they engage with your content is what makes them valuable.

You Want Followers on Pinterest that Engage With Your Content

You want Pinterest followers that share the content you create. Followers that scroll past your content aren’t the followers that will help your account grow. Your audience should engage with your content.

What does engaging with your content mean? It means your followers are saving your pins. Saving your pins is the equivalent of sharing. Once they save your pin, as long as it is not a secret board, they share your pin with their audience. When their audience saves your pin, they share it with their audience. This is how your content grows!

Followers Can Increase Your visibility

Every time a follower saves your pin, it tells Pinterest that your content is relevant and worth being seen by others in the smart feed. When your audience doesn’t save your pin or click through to your website, it tells Pinterest that it isn’t relevant. This makes your pin less visible when they search for similar content.

You Might Lose Followers

Remember, you only want followers who will interact with your content, so when followers leave because they don’t find your pins relevant to them, that is a good thing! These members of your audience were holding you back. As you narrow your focus, your uninterested followers will leave, your engaged followers will stay, and you’ll begin attracting followers looking for your pins.

Your followers help you rank high in the Smart Feed, so it is important you have followers that are interested in your content. Keep posting what they need, and they will help your Pinterest account grow!

Do you want to learn more about Growing Your Audience on Pinterest? Check out My Pinterest Tips and Tutorials!

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