3 Mistakes Some Content Creators Make When Using Social Media

3 Mistakes Some Content Creators Make When Using Social Media

I think it’s safe to say that social media is the marketing tool we love to hate. It’s probably the number one tool content creators use. But, are they using it correctly? For some creators, this blog post doesn’t apply. They’ve found extreme success on social media. But, if you are struggling to grow an engaged audience that is begging for more of your products and services, you may be using social media all wrong.  

So, are you using social media the right way? Or is it stunting your growth? This blog post will help you determine if you need to change how you use social media for your brand.

Content Creators Think They Own Their Content on Social Media

Once you upload your content on social media, it belongs to the platform. It is no longer yours. They can remove your content, they can disable features, and they can suspend or delete your account. In addition, some platforms, like TikTok, allow advertisers to use your content for their ads (this is your hint to check your privacy settings).

I don’t know about you, but I want to own anything I spend hours or days creating. I don’t want somebody else controlling how it can or cannot be used. But, unfortunately, so many content creators spend their valuable time creating bomb content, only to give it away to social media. 

We are way too valuable to do that, yall. 

And I know you’re thinking, well, how am I supposed to share my content? If it doesn’t belong on social media, where does it go? 

You can use a website, podcast, or email list to host your content. 

Put your best content on the platform you own first, and then put your highlights on social media. Your highlights should make your audience want to learn more about your products or services off of the app. Remember, social media is a marketing tool. So, whatever content you upload should make your audience want more. And the more is on your platform.

Content Creators Use Social Media as Their Main Platform

Social media is a marketing tool. It’s a tool that businesses and brands use to promote their product, create brand recognition, learn more about their target audience, and build a community. It is not a business’s primary platform; it is a way to increase awareness about their platform. 

If you are a product or service-based creator, then social media should NEVER be your primary platform. NEVER. 

If you’re confused about what I mean, think about Nike. Nike’s Insta is not their main platform. Their platforms are their website and physical stores. They use social media to create buzz about their latest products so their audience can buy them from one of their platforms. 

Does that make sense? I see so many creators that create amazing informational reels and posts on Instagram but have no way to engage with their audience off of the app. Your goal is to get your audience off the app and to your platform. 

Content Creators Spend More Time On Social Media Than Their Platform

Social media tricks a lot of content creators into thinking that it cares about them. It gives users tips and tricks to make their content stand out. When really, it’s just a ploy to get you to keep users on their platform.

Some creators are seriously freaking out about IG’s latest announcement that it is moving away from a photo-sharing app and will focus more on videos. And I completely understand why they are concerned. So many creators have spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on photo shoots, props, editing programs just for IG to change their rules to play.

Every social media’s goal is to keep users on their platform. Instagram specifically is losing many of its users to the hate it or love it platform, TikTok. They don’t want you to make more videos to help your business; they want you to create more videos so that users can stay on their app longer. 

But is making more videos your goal? 

Of course, you should use best practices for whatever social media app you decide is best for your audience. But here’s the thing, if you find yourself spending more time creating content for a marketing tool than creating products or improving services, then you’re doing it all wrong. 

You should not be so focused on making content to feed a platform that you don’t own that you end up neglecting your products and services.

Is social media great for your brand? Yes! But as the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in one basket, especially when that basket isn’t meant to hold your eggs. Social media is a marketing tool; make sure you’re only using it as a tool to help your brand grow.

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