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5 Things You Must Have on Your Blog

If you have a blog or are thinking about starting a blog, there are certain components you must have. These things will help potential clients quickly contact you, help grow your audience, improve your bounce rate, and make your posts shareable. 

Great bloggers make it easy to navigate their blogs. Check out these must-haves to maximize your reach! 

About Page

Many people use their about page to talk about themselves and all their accomplishments. While this isn’t entirely wrong, you want your about page to tell visitors why they need you and what you have to offer. 

You want them to decide if they are in the right place. If they are members of your target audience, they should immediately recognize that they need you because your about page includes their problems and how you can solve them. Check out my About Page for an example. 

You’ll also want to update your About Page regularly. As you evolve and grow, you want your About Page always to represent who you are right now. 

Share Buttons

Make it easy for people to share your work! Make sure you’ve enabled your share buttons. These buttons make it super easy for visitors who love your posts to share them with others who will love them too. Typically, these share buttons lead to Twitter and Facebook. You may have to download a specific plugin if you want a certain platform. 

One plugin I recommend a Pinterest plugin. If you didn’t know, Pinterest is a great way to share your blog with the world. The plugin allows visitors to see a Pinterest icon when they hover over an image. When they click on the icon, it takes them straight to Pinterest, where they can save your image to their boards.I use jQuery Pin It Button for Images.


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Email Signup

When I started my very website, I made the mistake of not having an email list before launching. So, I probably missed out on opportunities to connect with my audience. Don’t be like me.

Make your email sign up visible. Make it easy to for visitors to connect with you in their inboxes.

I highly recommend using a popup. I know they seem annoying, but they are more effective than you might think. I’ve gotten way more email signups when I began using a popup. 

Don’t worry about annoying visitors; if they don’t want to sign up, they’ll exit out of it. And my thinking is, if you’re paying for a service (email marketing), then you should maximize your use. This means providing maximum opportunities for visitors to sign up to your list. 

A Clear Way to Contact You

People will want to reach out to you! Don’t make visitors search for your information, make a contact page and put it in your menu.

You might not need it now, but as you grow, people will want to work with you, and professional business partners will want to contact you via email or phone. Not a DM.

A Variety of Media

People consume content in a variety of ways. Make sure your blog reflects that. Adding images and videos to blog posts will capture your readers’ attention and break up the text. 

You also want visitors to stay on your website as long as possible; media will help you accomplish this. 

Do you have these things on your blog? Do you have some must-haves? Share them below!

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