How to Organize Pinterest Boards

How to Organize Your Boards on Pinterest

You may be thinking, Melissa, there’s a way you should organize your Pinterest boards? Yes! When pinners visit your account, you want to show off your work. If you don’t manage your boards in a way that highlights your content, you’re missing out on opportunities for people to connect with you and your content.

If you haven’t played around with your board settings, you’ll need to watch the video below. In this quick video, I show you how to change the settings so you can strategically manipulate your boards.

One more thing before we get started, I want to be sure we are clear on some terms. Above the fold is what you can see on a website without scrolling, and below the fold is what you cannot see without scrolling.


Put your most popular boards Above the Fold

When you have a business account, Pinterest will tell you which of your boards are your audience’s favorites. You will want to move these boards to the top because this is the content that your audience finds the most relevant. Pinterest’s analytics give you tons of information about your content to help you create what your audience wants. Read UNDERSTANDING PINTEREST’S ANALYTICS to learn more.


Put board with pins from your website Above the Fold

In my Pinterest Tips and Tutorials, I teach you all about Pinterest’s best practices. One of the things I discuss is the importance of having a few boards dedicated to your content. You want people to see you as an expert in your niche, so you will and should share other pinner’s content that is similar to yours. But, you always want to have a few boards where only your work resides. You want to move those boards to the top fold so that pinners can find all your content easily.

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Make Seasonal Content the First Boards

Most content creators have seasonal content. It is best to have a few boards that hold those pins, and they should be some of the first boards on your account during the appropriate season. But as seasons change, you should move the irrelevant boards towards the bottom.

For example, I make a lot of content for the beginning of the school year, so from July to the end of September, those boards are the first few boards that pinners see. When the season is over, I move the boards below the fold and then move my evergreen or relevant seasonal content to the top. You’ll want to do the same.


Move empty boards towards the bottom

You don’t want pinners to find your account and see empty boards. Whenever you create new boards, don’t leave them at the top of your account if they aren’t full. By full, I mean no gray spaces. I like to move newer boards below the fold and as I fill them up, move them closer to the top of my account.

There are many components to Pinterest marketing, and one way to show off your content is by organizing your boards. By changing your board settings to drag and drop, you can arrange your boards in a way that represents you and your brand.

For more information on how to upgrade your business account, check out my Pinterest Tips and Tutorials. I have over 15 videos that will help you make your Pinterest account a traffic-driving machine!

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