Why Content Creators Should Create Evergreen Content

Why Content Creators Should Create Evergreen Content

Most content creators need evergreen content. If you know your audiences’ wants and needs, this fresh content can quickly become your brand’s backbone. Using evergreen content as part of your marketing strategy will make your content searchable all year, help you build an online community, and help you climb up search result rankings. 

If you’re not sure what evergreen  means, you’ll want to read, WHAT IS EVERGREEN CONTENT? first.

It will keep you relevant all year round

Since you’re creating timeless content that people are always searching for, people will come to your website looking for it anytime. You want to have several pieces of evergreen content on your website to keep traffic flowing year-round. When I started blogging, I thought I was aligned with my audience, but it turned out I wasn’t.

After several months of blogging, I analyzed my analytics to see if I had any traffic search patterns. I found out I was unintentionally making a lot of seasonal content. On www.melissanikohl.com, I share tips for teachers, content that I thought was evergreen. It turns out most teachers are only looking for advice at the beginning of the school year, which makes many of my blog posts seasonal.  

I didn’t do it on purpose. So, I had to figure out a way to create content that would drive traffic to my website all year. This was when I started creating booklists. Many of my booklists are evergreen, and they draw traffic to my website throughout the year. 

Take a look at your analytics. Are you unknowingly providing your audience with only seasonal content? What can you create that will draw traffic to your website all year round. 

It Can Help You Build Your audience

Since your evergreen content is probably answering commonly asked questions, your content will help visitors learn a skill or help them solve a problem. When they learn something of high value, and they like you, they’ll keep coming back. They will want to connect with you.

People who like you and find your content useful and relevant are more likely to invest in your business and refer you to their family and friends!

It Helps Your SEO

If you’ve researched your audience, then you know their needs and wants. Your evergreen content will help you solve their problems, answer their questions, and give advice on what to do next. 

When you make content around highly searched topics in your niche, you are optimizing your content for search engines, and as more people find your website relevant, you will climb search results rankings.

Evergreen content is extremely valuable for content creators. It is a great way to establish yourself as a leader in your niche. It is what can set you apart from other content creators within your niche. 

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