Understanding Pinterest's Analytics

Understanding Pinterest’s Analytics

Pinterest has tons of information to help you grow; at first, it may be difficult to figure out what you need to know. In this post, I’ll break down Pinterest’s analytics and how to use them to grow your business and Pinterest account.

Monthly Views

Do you know what your monthly views mean on Pinterest?

This is the most confusing analytic. I think it should be named something else. But…I’m not working for Pinterest…yet. When I think of monthly views, I believe that the data should change monthly (since it’s called monthly views), but your monthly views change daily. So if today is December 9th, then your monthly views are from November 9th to December 9th. Got it?

Your number of monthly views consists of how many people see your content within a month. My monthly views vary because I have seasonal content. Some people’s monthly views are consistent throughout the year.

Pin Impressions

Do you understand your Pin Impressions. Use Pinterest's pin stats to gauge how your content is doing.
You’ll see impressions on your standard and story pins. Your number of impressions is how many times pinners have seen your pin.

Pin Closeups

Pin closeups tells you how many people want a closer look at your pin.
Think about a time a pin caught your eye. You probably tapped it to get a closer view. When you tapped a pin, you just added to someone’s closeup analytics.

People who tap your pin for a closer look are thinking about doing more with your pin. They may be deciding to purchase your product, clicking through to your website, or saving your pin.

*February 2021, Pin Close-Ups are now called Pin Clicks*

Pin Link Clicks

Do you know what pin is driving traffic to your external account? Your link clicks tell you what pins are making people leave Pinterest.

Link Clicks are a super important statistic. You want to get pinners off of Pinterest and to your external account. Your link clicks will tell you how many people are doing just that.

*February 2021, Link Clicks are now Outbound Clicks*

Pin Saves

Pin Saves tells you how many pinners have saved your pin.
Your saves stats tell you how many times your pin has been saved. Pinterest will show where your pins have been saved by allowing you to see the boards where pinners have pinned your content.

Each one of these statistics will let you know how your content is doing and what kind of content your audience wants. Use your analytics to guide your creativity.

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