Do Followers Matter on Pinterest?

Do Followers Matter on Pinterest?

Yes and no. Remember, Pinterest isn’t a social media platform; it is a visual search engine. So your follower count doesn’t work the same way it would on Instagram. But, you still need followers. The amount of followers on Pinterest doesn’t matter, how they engage with your content is what makes them valuable.

You Want Followers on Pinterest that Engage With Your Content

You want Pinterest followers that share the content you create. Followers that scroll past your content aren’t the followers that will help your account grow. Your audience should engage with your content.

What does engaging with your content mean? It means your followers are saving your pins. Saving your pins is the equivalent of sharing. Once they save your pin, as long as it is not a secret board, they share your pin with their audience. When their audience saves your pin, they share it with their audience. This is how your content grows!

Followers Can Increase Your visibility

Every time a follower saves your pin, it tells Pinterest that your content is relevant and worth being seen by others in the smart feed. When your audience doesn’t save your pin or click through to your website, it tells Pinterest that it isn’t relevant. This makes your pin less visible when they search for similar content.

You Might Lose Followers

Remember, you only want followers who will interact with your content, so when followers leave because they don’t find your pins relevant to them, that is a good thing! These members of your audience were holding you back. As you narrow your focus, your uninterested followers will leave, your engaged followers will stay, and you’ll begin attracting followers looking for your pins.

Your followers help you rank high in the Smart Feed, so it is important you have followers that are interested in your content. Keep posting what they need, and they will help your Pinterest account grow!

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