The Benefits of a Business Pinterest Account

Benefits of a Pinterest Business Account

Are you wondering why you should switch from a personal Pinterest account to a business account? Check out a few of the benefits of switching over to a business account.

With a Pinterest Business Account, You Get Access to Your Analytics

Pinterest Analytics is best! Your analytics can show you precisely what your audience wants and doesn’t want. Your analytics can tell you want to create next. If a pin is doing well, you’ll want to make more content like it. If a pin isn’t doing well, this lets you know if you need to tweak what you’re creating. With Pinterest’s analytics, you learn how your pins are performing.

With your analytics, you’ll learn all about your audience. This information will tell you the gender, age, location, interests, and even the devices they use. You should use this information to create more content that they need and want!

You can Claim Your External Accounts

Once you have created a business account, next, you should claim all your external accounts. Claiming these accounts lets you know how all your content is performing on Pinterest.

Many business owners and content creators use multiple platforms and it all can be shared on Pinterest. I share my blog posts, Instagram posts, and Youtube videos on Pinterest. People like to digest information in different ways, by adding my content from different platforms, this allows me to differentiate my content for my audience.

When you claim your accounts, pinners will see your profile name (you can use up to 65 characters, maximize the space) and profile picture on any of your content shared on Pinterest. This helps build brand recognition.

image shows Pinterest Name and Profile picture

External accounts you can claim:


How to Create a Pinterest Business Account Startup Guide


Followers Can Buy Your Products Directly On Pinterest

Did you know that people use Pinterest to shop? With a business account, you can make it easy to buy your products on Pinterest. All you have to do is ad the Pinterest tag to your website and you are ready to sell!

A Pinterest Business Account Allows You to Create Ads

Ads are a great way to expand the reach of your pins. You can create ads that will build brand awareness, drive traffic, or get conversions. Your ad objective will guide you through making the best ads to grow your business.

A business account is for you if you’re looking for another way to grow your business. Through Pinterest’s analytics, you can focus on creating content that your audience wants. Once you’ve claimed your accounts pinners will easily recognize your brand. With the use of Pinterest’s ads, you will be able to reach your business goals. If you haven’t switched over to a business account, it’s free! Do it now!

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